Phi Delta Theta Canadian Foundation



Supporting Leadership Development Among Canadian University Undergraduates

The Canadian Phi Delta Theta Foundation was founded in 1974, and provides leadership and scholarship awards to undergraduates on Canadian campuses. The Canadian Foundation’s first scholarship was awarded to Donald A. Lyons from the University of British Columbia (BC Alpha), in the amount of $500.

The landscape of university campuses, fraternity life, and tuition fees have changed drastically since that first scholarship was awarded – meaning the goals of the Canadian Foundation are as relevant and necessary as ever. To date, the Foundation has awarded over $400,000 to more than 400 undergraduates at Canadian universities and has begun to support other initiatives that benefit Canadian undergraduates.

The Canadian Foundation is a Canada Revenue Agency Registered Charity and is run by a dedicated group of volunteer board members. All scholarships and programs offered by the Canadian Foundation are made possible by tax-deductible contributions.