Phi Delta Theta Canadian Foundation


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The Canadian Foundation was founded in 1974 to recognize outstanding scholars and emerging leaders at Canadian campuses where Phi Delta Theta has a chapter. Hundreds of Canadian Fraternity alumni, undergraduates, and friends have donated to the Foundation, and we have awarded more than 400 awards totaling over $400,000 to undergraduates from every post-secondary institution/chapter/emerging chapter where Phi Delta Theta has a chapter in Canada. In recent years, the Foundation has awarded grants to individuals ranging from $500 up to $4,000. 

The Canadian Foundation is especially proud to recognize the many undergraduates and chapters who have supported the Foundation through their participation in the Iron Phi program (half of all proceeds raised via Iron Phi in Canada go to the Canadian Foundation). Each spring the Canadian Foundation announces its annual awards on a live YouTube broadcast. View the broadcasts on this page.

What are the Academic and Leadership Pathways?

Every Canadian chapter and emerging chapter can nominate one individual for each Pathway: 

The Academic Pathway (established in 1974) recognizes those undergraduates who have a well-rounded commitment to university, campus, or community involvement, as well as a strong emphasis on academic achievement. Financial need is also considered. The top academic award winner from across Canada each year is recognized as the J. Fred Green Award winner.

The Leadership Pathway (established in 2016) recognizes those undergraduates who demonstrate their leadership abilities and achievements in the university, chapter, on campus, or in the community. Financial need is also considered. While academic proficiency is considered, scholastic excellence is not emphasized to the same degree as in the Academic Pathway. The top leadership award winner from across Canada each year is recognized as the D. Grant Loree Leadership Award winner.  

While preference may be given to members of Phi Delta Theta, all students currently enrolled, as a full-time undergraduate, in a university where the Fraternity has a chapter in Canada, will be considered. In this instance, non-initiated, eligible students may forego the nomination process and indicate their desire to apply for awards in either Pathway directly to the Foundation in February.

Who is eligible to be a chapter’s/emerging chapter’s nominees?

Every Canadian chapter / emerging chapter can submit the name(s) of, at most, two nominees who meet the following requirements: 

  1. A nominee must be a full-time undergraduate student currently enrolled in a Canadian university at which Phi Delta Theta has a chapter/emerging chapter.  
  2. A nominee must, at the time of application, have at least one more term of full-time studies to complete before receiving a university recognized undergraduate degree. If the nominee is graduating later in the year for which they are applying, they are eligible.
  3. A chapter/emerging chapter may nominate a member, Phikeia, or a non-Phi that meets the nomination criteria. 
  4. At most, for each chapter, one of these nominees may be nominated for consideration in the Leadership Pathway, and one for consideration in the Academic Pathway. 
  5. Chapters must select their nominee(s) by no later than the deadline noted in the Call For Nomination notice that is sent to each chapter President and Scholarship Chairman in February. 
  6. The chapter president or scholarship chairman shall submit the completed Nomination Form to the Foundation by no later than the deadline noted in the Call For Nomination notice. 
  7. Once nominated, the individual(s) apply for a Canadian Foundation award via a survey link supplied by the Foundation.

Note: Non-Phis may contact the Canadian Foundation directly for information on how to apply for an award.

What must a completed award application include?

Details will be provided to each applicant, and include:

  • University academic transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Listing of extra-curricular involvement in campus, community organizations (including Greek-letter societies), sports teams, and philanthropic endeavors
  • A personal statement on why they are applying
  • A photo (suitable for publication, if granted an award)

When/How are awards announced? 

Awards will be announced during the Foundation’s national awards broadcast on YouTube in March/April. Previous award events are found here.