Phi Delta Theta Canadian Foundation


Leadership Awards

The Demonstration of Leadership

In recognition of the importance of cultivating leadership development in the Canadian Foundation’s expanded mandate, in 2016 the Foundation awarded its first leadership-focused awards.

Leadership Awards are available to any undergraduate in good academic standing at a university where the Fraternity has a Canadian chapter.


The successful candidate will demonstrate how he is a leader, on campus and in the community. Examples of such leadership and involvement include (but need not be limited to):

Campus leadership and involvement:

Is actively involved in campus leadership roles, promotes loyalty to the institution, gets involved in campus activities.

Community leadership and involvement:

Is actively involved in community building, community service and philanthropic initiatives, promoting good relations with the community.

Manitoba Alpha Leadership Award

In 2018 the Canadian Foundation established the Manitoba Alpha Leadership Award, a restricted fund that recognizes leadership achievements by undergraduates attending the University of Manitoba.

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