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We do it for Brother Lou

Phi Delta Theta’s membership is committed to supporting the fight against ALS in honor of Phi Delta Theta member and baseball great, Lou Gehrig, who passed away from ALS, now commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Each year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised to fight ALS through the efforts of Phi Delta Theta members, both undergraduates and alumni.

Brother Gehrig (Columbia, ’25) was known as the “Iron Horse” during his baseball career because of his durability and perseverance. His prowess as a hitter, consecutive games-played record (2,130), and never-give-up attitude after being stricken with ALS inspired those around him.

The LiveLikeLou Foundation

Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity has taken a significant step to broaden its reach and deepen its impact on the fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), the devastating disease named for Brother Lou Gehrig. In November 2017 Phi Delta Theta launched The LiveLikeLou Foundation, a stand-alone 501c3 not-for-profit entity with a national scope.

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Iron Phi: Join The Brotherhood Of Athletes

The Iron Phi program was launched in 2010 with the goal of bringing brothers of Phi Delta Theta together in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Through a philanthropic partnership with the LiveLikeLou Foundation, Canadian Iron Phi participants are able to raise funds to help the organization bring awareness to the disease and attempt to find a cure.

In the spirit of Brother Gehrig, the name Iron Phi was given to the initiative to encourage those involved to remembers Lou’s approach to life when setting out to achieve something.

Canadian Iron Phis have raised more than $100,000 for the program to date. Iron Phi funds help both the LiveLikeLou Foundation and the Canadian Foundation achieve their missions.

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LiveLikeLou Grants:

Each year, the LiveLikeLou Foundation makes a grant to the Phi Delta Theta Canadian Foundation based on the fundraising effort by Canadian Iron Phi participants. Dollar amounts below were granted to both entities during that year.

2021: $2,191.00
2020: $1,380.00
2019: $3,374.00
2018: $4,411.00
2017: $3,502.23
2016: $5,192.10
2015: $4,269.39
2014: $7,025.51
2013: $5,168.96
2012: $7,032.32

Canadian Iron Phis:

#75 – Ernie Chan (Dalhousie)
#78 – Nick Bolton (Dalhousie)
#127 – Liam Todd (UBC)
#137 – Daniel Alleyne (Dalhousie)
#156 – Tristan Kornacki (Dalhousie)
#160 – Tyler Barrett (Dalhousie)
#161 – Ben Desborough (Dalhousie)
#184 – Sean MacGregor (Alberta)
#206 – Brennan Low (Dalhousie)
#207 – Graham Erskine (Dalhousie)
#208 – Daniel McCarthy (Dalhousie)
#210 – Mike McEachern (Dalhousie)
#306 – Brandon Creamer (Dalhousie)
#328 – Sam Travaglini (Dalhousie)
#343 – Just Van Beelen (Dalhousie)
#344 – James Thomson (Dalhousie)
#345 – Doug Bricknell (Western Ontario)
#347 – Simon Krupa (Alberta)
#354 – Kevin Bengali (Dalhousie)
#361 – Dominic Carvela (Dalhousie)
#362 – Colin Munden (Dalhousie)
#371 – Dalton Schamehorn (Alberta)
#378 – Matthew Barker (Alberta)
#452 – Gabe Ghiglione (McMaster)
#461 – Zachary Powell (Western Ontario)
#486 – Sam Maloney (Alberta)
#504 – Omar Sickander (Dalhousie)
#555 – Cole Maranger (Dalhousie)
#587 – Nic Later (Dalhousie)
#608 – Sam Mundy (Dalhousie)
#609 – Ross Freeman (Dalhousie)
#610 – Pat Crysdale (Dalhousie)
#611 – Adam Cheyne (Dalhousie)
#612 – Shane Mitravitz (Dalhousie)
#661 – Mario Calce (McMaster)
#685 – Gordon Taylor (Western)
#700 – Andrew Norrie (Western)
#726 – Riley Valotaire (Dalhousie)
#762 – Jake Janicki (York)
#764 – Jon Hauth (Carleton)
#881 – Luc DeGagne (Carleton)
#972 – Ben Manzer (Dalhousie)
#1237 – Connor Dawes (UBC, Okanagan)
#1269 – Maneesh Purohit (Dalhousie)
#1294 – Ameer Akhtar (York)
#1400 – Benjamin Lieu (Carleton)